Activity 4 - Try the form and change the style

Adding a Contact Form

Finally, we will add a contact form to let people reach us if they are interested in Benji.

Most browsers do not support sending emails directly from the contact form because it’s an easy way for trouble makers to send spam to users. Spam is an irrelevant or inappropriate message sent over the internet. Therefore, to send a form, we will use a free service called FormSpree . If we want the messages in the contact form to go to our email, we will first need to confirm it with FormSpree. This confirmation method keeps bad actors from just putting down anyone’s email in a contact form and spamming the victim.

See the Pen Contact Form by Deliana Escobari (@Sunny-Dee) on CodePen.

Activity 4

To complete this activity, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the try it yourself! button to open the editor
  2. Change the part that says <YOUR EMAIL HERE!> to your personal email if you have one. If you don’t, use
  3. If you do, try to send a test message and see if it works
  4. Add any styling to the form. For example, try changing font or color of the form

Try it yourself!