Activity 9: Learn the AVG Command

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Task 9: Unlock the Infinite Buffet Table:

You discovered the location of the Legendary Infinite Buffet Table! However, it is locked behind a door that will only unlock if you find the secret number.

Your only clue is that the combination is the first two digits of the average city population.

Let’s look at the AVG() command!


Using the database ‘planet’ and the AVG() command, find the first two digits of the average city ‘population’!

Use the command from activity 1 to view the entire database.

  • Hint 1: The command follows very closely to the example.

  • Hint 2: How do you use ‘population’ with the AVG() command?

Type command here!


Figure out the combination to unlock the vault!

The clue to the combination is at the top of this page!