Activity 8: Learn the LIKE Command

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Task 8: Find the Legendary Totem of Fun: Infinite Buffet Table

Another artifact you must find is the infinite buffet table of fun! Legends say that festivals will never run out of food with this mystic buffet table.

This Totem was created a month after the previous artifact: the Confetti Cannon (reminder: the Confetti Cannon was created on 1738-09-12).

The Galactic Federation has sent you a brief tutorial on a handy command: LIKE

Explain Ex

Using the database called ‘items’ with a column labeled ‘date_created’, find the Infinite Buffet Table!

You can use the command in activity 1 to display the entire database.

  • Hint 1: The format for the date is Year-Month-Day.
  • Hint 2: This Totem was created a month AFTER the Confetti Cannon (1738-09-12).
  • Hint 3: What is the pattern? Do you need to look for the month at the beginning, end, or anywhere of the value?

Type command here!