Activity 7: Use the MIN Command

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Task 7: Find the Key to Get to the Confetti Cannon!

You found the location of the Legendary Confetti Cannon but it is locked away behind a door made of titanium and can only be unlocked with the smallest key on the planet!

To help you out, the Galactic Federation has sent you a reminder on how to use MIN() from a previous activity.


Using the database called ‘items’ with columns labeled ‘object’ and ‘height’, find the ‘key’ with the smallest height.

You can display the entire database using the command from activity 1.

  • Hint 1: Remember the advice from the Galactic Federation: SELECT [column/column property] FROM [database] [optional condition];

  • Hint 2: Condition: WHERE [column_name] [IN()/NOT IN()];

  • Hint 3: Do you need to use IN() or NOT IN() to show the ‘key’?

Type command here!


Choose and drag the correct key onto the lock to continue your adventure!

The height corresponds to the number of loops at the base of the key. The correct key will be highlighted in green.