Activity 3: Learn the COUNT Command

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After receiving the message from the Galactic Federation, you continue your adventure.

You have successfully arrived on the Planet of Fun! The Galactic Federation has sent you a database about this planet.

Task 3: Talk to the inhabitants

You need to talk to the inhabitants of the Planet of Fun to discover what the problem is. Find out how many cities there are on the planet using the COUNT() command!

When we use the SELECT * FROM planet; command, the table above is displayed. But in order to check the number of cities, we can use the COUNT() command.


Question: Using COUNT(), what command will display the number of cities on the Planet of Fun?

Remember to type in the answer and not copy and paste the command. Press the Enter button on the terminal to check if you have the correct command. Use the Reset button to start over.

  • Hint 1: The Galactic Federation gave you the name of this database at the beginning of this activity
  • Hint 2: You can use either the asterix (*) or a column name
  • Hint 3: Don’t forget the semicolon (;)

Type command here!