Activity 12: Find the Inventor!

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All the guests are here! We need to find the Inventor before it’s too late!

Everyone is having a good time at the party! The inventor has also arrived, now we need to figure out who the inventor is! No one knows what the inventor looks like, but the Leader has given you hints on how to find the inventor!

Task 12: Display the entire database called “people” so we can look at all the attendees.

  • Hint 1: The command you use should display the entire “people” database.
  • Hint 2: The command is similar to the one in activity 1 (Learn the SELECT command).

Type command here!


Here are some hints to figure out who the “Inventor” is:

  • The Inventor’s favorite food is Pizza.

  • The Inventor’s favorite subject is Math.

  • The Inventor’s favorite movie is “Big Hero 6”.

Enter person here!

You did it!
Workshop completed!