Meeting Alice, Bob and Eve

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Meet our friend Bob. Bob has a secret that he doesn’t want to share, he would like to keep it secured. He has the secret locked somewhere safe. Only Bob has the key to the lock to make sure that no one can get to his secret but him.

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Meet our not so good friend Eve. Eve wants access to Bob’s secret.

Eve realizes that to get to Bob’s secret, they need to first get past Bob’s lock. Eve can’t break the lock, but maybe she can figure out the key. After spying on Bob for a while, Eve realizes that Bob really loves his pet dog, Max. This gives Eve an idea.

Eve thinks that, since Bob loves his pet so much, he might have decided to make that the key to his lock. They decide to give it a try, and violà, Eve was able to open Bob’s lock and see his secret.

This is not good for Bob! He wants to know what he could have done differently so that Eve couldn’t break his lock so easily, but he doesn’t know where to start.

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Luckily for Bob, his good friend Secret Agent Alice arrives to help him out with his situation. Let’s see what Alice has to say…