Bob goes fishing

Meet our friend Bob. Bob is a nice and jolly gentleman. His hobbies are travelling and fishing. One fine evening Bob received an email saying he won a free trip to the “Bahamas”. Bob got excited. He immediately clicked the link to enter his personal details and waited for his itinerary to come.

Bob decided to go shopping for his trip. He bought new clothes and a new fishing rod.

Bob is preparing for his fishing trip to the Bahamas

However, 24 hours later, he still didn’t receive a confirmation for his trip. Another day passed and still nothing. The next day, he decided to go meet his good friend Alice. Secret Agent Alice

Bob told Alice all about the email, the trip to Bahamas, his new clothes and how he cannot wait to go fishing. Alice, being a secret agent was suspicious, and asked Bob to show her the email.

On reading the email Alice sighed, “Bob you have been phished!”