Activity 2 - Displaying RGB Color values for images

Workshop Resources

You now take a picture of your shoe from your samples.

Go ahead and copy and paste the following code into your Google Colab notebook:

plt.imshow(train_images[0]) #Shows the first image in the data set as a plot or different colored pixels
plt.colorbar() #displays the color bar on the right
plt.grid(False) #displays the entire plot

Question 1

Change the index of the “train_images[x]” and look at the color bar on the right, what is the max pixel value? A2 Q1

Question 2

After analyzing the shoe, you now take another clothing item from your sample and do the same thing. Change the index value to whatever you like so you have a different item. Save this value for later as you will use this in Activity 6.

For example, if you input the index value as 7, you get the following item: Shirt

Copy the following code onto Google Colab:

In order to maintain consistency between the training and testing set data, we will divide these values by 255.

#the train_images and test_images range between values from 0 to 255. 
#To maintain consistency between the training and testing set, we will divide train_images and test_images by 255

train_images = train_images / 255.0 

test_images = test_images / 255.0