Anything that is surrounded by quotation marks is called a string. This is how a computer represents words or sentences. For example, “a”, “2”, “banana!”, and “Hello World” are strings, but 2 and Hello World are not strings, because the quotation marks are missing. You can combine many strings together using the + sign!

The strings that you combine do not have to be real words! For example, "Ap" + "ple" will produce the string "Apple". Ask for help if you are confused!

For example,

Challenge 1

What if you combine your first and last name? How would you do that?

Challenge 2

Delete all the print statements in your code. Start your code with the line print("Nuevo" + " " + "Foundation")

If you run it, you should get the following output:

Nuevo Foundation

Let’s try and find two more ways to print the string "Nuevo Foundation" using two plus (+) symbols in each print statement. Once you make this work, you should have “Nuevo Foundation” printed out 3 times. In other words, your console should look like this after you press run:

Nuevo Foundation
Nuevo Foundation
Nuevo Foundation