Activity 3 - Change the key assignment to move left paddle

Kudos! You not only fixed the game boundary, but you were able to give color to objects too. Now, let’s see if you can change the keys for paddle movement.

To do this, we need to modify one of the parameters we passed in when creating the left paddle object. Remember from “The Basics - Class and Object” section, you defined the Paddle class with UP and DOWN key assignments as its attributes.

Find # TODO (ACTIVITY 3) in the code. Modify the appropriate attribute value for the left paddle so that pressing the 's' key moves the left paddle down. Notice that currently the downward movement of the left paddle is controlled by the 'T' key.

Try swapping the UP key with a different key. Press Run to test your changes.

Launch Replit


You have just modified the down_key attribute in the Paddle class to influence how the left paddle object should move on screen.