Step 5: Feature selection

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Our next step is selecting proper features. Feature selection is a term in machine learning to describe the method and process of choosing relevant features for the model. A feature is one (x) in the formula. In our story, it is an attribute of a soccer player.

Since we are using the linear regression model, how attribute correlated to the target (“Overall”) becomes the criteria to choose the right features.

We use a built-in function correlation corr to Compute pairwise correlation of columns. There are three methods we can choose from,

In this tutorial we use pearson.

# select target
target = "Overall"

# To find the correlation among the columns using pearson method 
feature_corr = train_data.corr(method ='pearson') [target]

# sort the features
feature_corr = feature_corr.sort_values(ascending = False)

# show the top 20 features
# note that we are start from 1 not zero, because Overall is alwasy on the top of the list
Positioning        0.904367
Special            0.903856
Finishing          0.899783
BallControl        0.896988
ShotPower          0.877842
Reactions          0.861441
Volleys            0.834433
Composure          0.827529
ShortPassing       0.813074
Dribbling          0.802565
LongShots          0.794059
HeadingAccuracy    0.711129
Vision             0.671054
Skill Moves        0.649300
Curve              0.641426
Crossing           0.603249
Potential          0.593139
Penalties          0.583906
LongPassing        0.575092
FKAccuracy         0.569704
Name: Overall, dtype: float64

Now, we can copy and paste the top 10 or top 12 features. (Note: Please don’t copy the space)

# select some features
features = ["Positioning", "Finishing", "Special", "BallControl", 
            "ShotPower", "Reactions", "Volleys", "Composure", "ShortPassing"]

Also, we can just extract the feature names from the index. Note that, we start from 1 because we do not want include overall who is alwasy on the top of the list.

# extract feature names from the series
features = feature_corr[1:21].index.tolist()

# show the features
['Positioning', 'Special', 'Finishing', 'BallControl', 'ShotPower', 'Reactions', 'Volleys', 'Composure', 'ShortPassing', 'Dribbling', 'LongShots', 'HeadingAccuracy', 'Vision', 'Skill Moves', 'Curve', 'Crossing', 'Potential', 'Penalties', 'LongPassing', 'FKAccuracy']