Activity 10 - Let's move and replace

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Great, now that the hackers' malicious file won't cause us any more headaches, let's restore the old file so things will run smoothly again.

How to fix the secret-message

The command mv can also be used to replace the destination file with the source file.
The format is: mv [source filename] [destination name].

Replace the messed up secret message with the backup that we found earlier.
Let’s move the file into the new directory that we made.

mv command

Backup your files

Uma foto de Nuvi
That backup file earlier came in handy to fix the tampered file. Let's backup the files in our directory.

cp is a command that copies a file from one location to another.
The format is: cp [source filename] [destination filename].

Make a copy of the file you made and the secret-message.txt.

cp command