T3: Choosing the Right Event Style

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Choosing the right event for you


There are several audiences that can benefit from playing KC7. You should first identify your intended audience, then adjust how you configure the game to make sure they get the most out of it.

Middle and High School StudentsGet excitedNo experience with cybersecurity. You can use KC7 to give them excited about cybersecurity and get them exposure to the field. The focus is on making sure they have fun and maybe learn something new.
College StudentsGet excited / Prep for internshipsWhether or they have any cybersecurity experience, you can use KC7 to give them practical exposure to the field. Those who interest/promise can keep playing KC7 to get hand-on experience that will set them up for success when applying for internships/jobs.
Transitioning professionalsGet job-ready skillsKC7 provides practical blue-team cybersecurity traininig beyond memorizing acronyms. For transitional professionals, this give them a safe-space to get exposure to many foundational cybersecurity principals and to begin building their analysis skills.
Industry Security professionsSharpen analytical skillsSOC analysts and Incident responders can use KC7 to improve their pivoting and analysis skils. They can use this game to sharpen their intuition when it comes to threat hunting and “knowing where to looks next.” They can learn how to understand end-to-end adversary attack paths.
Threat Intel ProfessionalsLearn how to do primary-source threat intelLearn how to cluster threat activity based on known indicators and TTPs. Threat intel analysts can learn how to attribute activity to clusters using models such as the Diamond Model and Cyber Kill Chain. They can also become familiar with common attribution pitfalls and figure out how to avoid them.