Bonus 3: Security Jeopardy


Let’s Play a Round of Jeopardy!

Greetings Cyber Defenders!

For those of you still here and eager for more points to bring up your Scoreboard total, we have just the game for you. On the Scoreboard, you have likely noticed one last challenge titled “Security Jeopardy”. This is a quiz we made to help you learn about more terms and concepts related to cybersecurity. If you are interested in a career in cybersecurity, if you’re feeling curious about how to be more security minded while using technology, or if that part of your brain is just telling you to green up as many questions as possible to max out your game score … you are going to like this one.

Instructions to Start

  1. Navigate back to your Cyber Defender Game Scoreboard.
    • If you closed your Scoreboard tab already, don’t worry go ahead and open this link in a new tab . So long as you use your same login credentials, your work will continue to be automatically saved.
  2. Select the “Security Jeopardy” challenge.
  3. Start hunting for answers to the questions.

For this activity, the internet is your friend! We suggest you use it.

Like a few of our other activities, we’re not going to give you an answer key for this one. However, these questions explore common cybersecurity terms and concepts that experts in the field also had to learn when they were starting out.

We hope that this Security Jeopardy challenge will encourage you to research the questions on your own and help you learn how to better protect yourself, your family, and others from becoming victims of cyber attacks.

Happy Hunting!