KC7: Cyber Defender Game

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Introduction: Learn to Catch the Hacker!


Welcome new Cyber Defenders!

— Threat intel is for everyone Learn Cybersecurity using real threat data. KC7 is a game that teaches you real world cybersecurity skills

KC7 simulates an intrusion by multiple cyber threat actors against a fictitious company that teaches you to identify adversary activity across all seven phases of the Cyber Kill Chain using realistic data.

By the end of your first day on the job, you should be able to:

If you are a trainer please start with the block T3: Train-the-Trainer Intro before going through the workshop. If you are a student please continue on to Activity 1: Login & Setup of the Cyber Environment

Please do not use the Firefox browser for this workshop.

Note that KQL, much like every other coding language, is case-sensitive. So keep that in mind when working in Azure Data Explorer (ADX). However, the Cyber Defender Game Scoreboard is NOT case-sensitive.

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