Tic Tac Toe Summary

Tic Tac Toe: Your Java Project. void main(String args[]) that reads in player inputs, process inputs, and prompt each round of the game or print the winner of the game. void printBoard(String[] curBoard) is a method to print the game board. int getComputerMove(String[] curBoard) randomly returns an available move for the computer. String getWinner(String[] curBoard) returns the winner of the game/TIE or '' if the game should continue.


Today you will be using to code in Java. Here is the starter code you will use today:

Before we start, let’s first understand how the window works. The file contains code, or instructions for the computer to run. By pressing the run button, you tell the computer to perform the instructions in the code. Any results from running the code will be displayed on the bottom screen, under the Console tab.

Click the icon next to the Run button that says open in This will be the window where you will type all the code for the TicTacToe program. Have fun!