Introduction to Data Structures

Before Nuevo Eats…

To begin your training in Nuevo Eats, you first must learn something called data structures! Here you will learn everything you need to do know for you to take on your first Nuevo Eats Mission! Let’s start with the basics with what they are.

Data Structures!

Data structures are awesome and powerful. By using code, we can store lots of information in organized categories for use later!

Storing items into these structures can let us access everything quickly and effectively - perfect for Nuevo Eats! Restaurants, foods, employees, and locations are just some of the examples we can use Data Structures to our advantage.

Data structures can store anything, much more than what we mentioned above! It can even store different data structures inside data structures!

There are many different types of data structures (e.g Arrays, ArrayList, Queues, Stacks, and Hashmaps), just like there are many ways to organize toys!

Now that you some idea what it is, press next to find out how you can use this to help make Nuevo Eats for everyone!