Problem 2: Advanced Arrays

Task 1: Find the average cost!

Suppose we have an array containing the costs of various foods. Find the average cost of the food!

  1. You can use a for loop to go through the array!
  2. Remember, the average of a list is the total divided by the number of items

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Task 2: Sorting an array!

The cost of each item in the menu is all over the place! Help us sort the array from least to greatest.

  1. Think of a way to sort the array (there are many different ways to do so)!
  2. Look at the example!

If we are given this array below,

int[] cost = {100,90,50,60,20,1,3};

we should get the following output:

int[] sorted = {1,3,20,50,60,90,100};

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Task 3: Make your own array! (optional)

Now it’s your turn! Input your own elements into the array!

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