Web Developer Guidelines

This document is for website developers only for changing the Nuevo Foundation workshop project templates and style.

Before getting started

Before adding/updating the website, ensure you have synced with the project team and the existing work in the Project Backlog .


Follow the instructions in the Getting Started page to install Git and Hugo to test the project locally.

Web design styles and structure

Dissecting a Workshop Page

Help, the CSS is gone

One challenge with Hugo is that a key parameter in the build is the baseURL variable. If the content is loading, and the CSS is not, it’s likely an issue with the baseURL setting.

You can change the baseURL when building content instead of changing the config.toml file. The example below will minify the CSS and JS, set the baseURL to the production .org URL and copy the results to the public directory.

hugo --minify --baseURL "https://workshops.nuevofoundation.org/"

Tips and Tricks