Activity 5 - Use conditional statements

Activity 5

This activity is split into two parts. Use your knowledge of if-else statements to complete the activities. As always, press run after completing each part to check for errors.

Activity 5.1

After the player guesses a letter, and we have checked whether the letter appears in the word, we need to check if the entire word has been guessed. If the entire word has been correctly identified, we should let the computer know that the player has won the game. Use an if-statement to change the value of the won variable only if the number of letters correctly guessed equals the number of letters in the word to guess.

Activity 5.2

At the end of the game, we should let the player know if they won or lost the game.

To test both parts of the activity, set the word bank to only contain one two-letter word (see Activity 2 if you forget how to do this). Press run, and correctly guess the word when playing the game. Make sure You won! is printed out. Run again, and check that You lost!is printed out when you lose the game.