Python: Choose Your Own Adventure Game

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Power of Stories

Hi everyone! Today we are going to be using our engineering superpowers to be the best storytellers. Stories are a great way to connect people, share traditions, and learn new things!

Turn to your neighbor and share your favorite story! It can be a story that your family members have shared. Your favorite story line from a Marvel movie or your favorite novel.

Now through code, we get the chance to create or re-tell amazing stories and spread our ideas further!

Choose Your Own Adventure Games!

Today you will be choosing and designing the plot of the stories that you are being told! In Choose Your Own Adventure Games you are the protagonist of the story, and you get to choose the actions that the characters are taking and the outcomes of those actions. You have control!


Let’s try it out!

What did you all think? We’re now going to learn some cool skills that will allow us to create our own stories.

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