Building the DJ station

Hooking up the oranges

Grab an orange and one of your wires. Open up one of the alligator clips and insert the bottom half into the orange, leaving the top part of the clip on the outside. This is easiest to do if you insert it in the middle of the bottom of the orange. The same spot where you’d start peeling if you were going to eat the orange.

Cannot load image Cannot load image

Repeat this for the second orange using your other wire. Cannot load image

Connect one orange to A1 and the other one to A2 Cannot load image

All together your orange assembly looks like this! Cannot load image

Using your USB cable, connect the small side to the chip. It’ll go into the silver port. Cannot load image

Now let’s create the program before we plug in our chip to the computer! Please make sure your computer is MUTED before you start.